Why Join?

Carroll Creek Farms is a small family farm where we share your values in wanting local, high quality and wholesome meat products for your protein needs. We currently raise beef, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs and our animals spend their lives ranging on pasture and woodlands and are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Why Join a CSA?

Ultra Fresh

Our meat and eggs come right from our local packer to you- the true meaning of farm to fork! We don’t need to use preservatives since it’s in your hands so quickly. Thus the wholesome and natural flavor is in the forefront of each cut of meat. This in contrast to grocery store meats that are meant to withstand transportation and long shelf life. CSA meats are free of preservatives and it is just high quality meat full of flavor for you to enjoy.

Protect the Environment

Most of the food we eat travels long distances before arriving on our plates. This food transport system negatively affects human health and local economies as well as our environment, since more energy is expended on packaging, transportation, and distribution. When you become a member of a CSA, you cut out the “middle men” between you and your food and significantly reduce your environmental footprint.

Relationship with Farmers (us!)

We are mothers and wives just like you trying to provide the nutritious meats we have fed to our family for years with you and your family. We have a passion for caring for animals, cooking, and telling our story.  As farmers they always tell us we are feeding the world – but really we just want to feed your family and hear about your experience.  

Know Where Your Food Comes From

We are raising the cows, hogs, lambs, and chickens right here locally in a way that you would be proud of. We raise free ranging animals with access to pasture and keep our herd size low so we can interact with every animal every day to ensure that it is happy and healthy. We feed all vegetarian diets and our cattle are 100% grass fed. The best part is you can see what is happening on the farms through our blog posts, social media, the website, and talking to us.  We want you to see the way our animals are raised so you feel good about the way the livestock are raised.

Expand Your Palate

As part of the CSA you will get different cuts of all the livestock species we are raising on each offering.  If you have never had a crown roast of lamb or tri tip steaks why not start now? We get in ruts in the grocery store getting the same things every week so this will allow you keep your family on their toes with new recipes.  Don’t worry if you have limited cooking skills as we will provide recipes weekly on our website.

Save Money

Paying up front seems like a big expense until you realize that the overall price is less than the prices you find at the grocery store or your favorite restaurants. Even more of a benefit is that you will know that this meat is of the best quality.  We are committed to pricing as affordably as we can so you can feed your family in a way you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

Eat Local

Local, family run businesses are the backbone of every small town in America. Why give your money to the big chains when they often do not give back to the communities they serve. Your money stays local and helps the community you live in maintain their agricultural heritage by preserving farmland.