I am so happy we found Carroll Creek Farms and their CSA program!  In this day and age it is important to know what is in the food we are eating.  I garden and love the fresh vegetables we harvest.

This made me stop and think about the meat I was feed my family.  So many hormones and other foreign stuff our bodies were trying to process!  That is when we met Farmer Jess and learned about her program.

The health benefits of farm raised meat is amazing in and of itself.  Then you get into the taste!  All I can say is, UNBEATABLE!  We even took some of our meat on vacation with us because we did not like the taste of even a nice steakhouse.

Don't worry if there is a meat or cut in the program that you or the majority of your family does not like.  Farmer Jess is awesome about customizing your program to you and your family!

Thank you, Farmer Jess, for feeding my family some truly high quality meats!  Keep up the awesome work at Carroll Creek Farms.

Carrie Davis, Somerville OH

Carroll Creek Farms pork is fabulous (we use it in our restaurant - Pickles and Bones Barbecue). We also love the eggs and the service is top notch. Support this local farm and know that your food has been grown with care.

Nicole House, Milford OH

We have been purchasing fresh eggs from Carroll Creek Farms for some time and the difference is amazing. We were buying the organic eggs from the grocery store but even those were no comparison. Jess's eggs are larger, the color of the yolks is more vibrant, and most of all they taste soooo much better! We think the farmer is a pretty good egg as well (haha!)


Skip & Susan Lowe, Lebanon Oh

The 100% grass fed beef standing rib roast we fed our family for Christmas was excellent. We also enjoy the pork products especially we prefer your bacon to other brands because it has more meat and much less fat.

Laura Curliss, Yellow Springs OH