You Are What You Eat

May 18, 2015
You Are What You Eat

We have all heard the expression time and time again you are what you eat. That did get me thinking though today as I drove past a McDonald's with two drive through lanes overflowing with customers --- are we then fast, cheap, super sized, or just fake?  American's have busy lives and often just find some sort of food on the go or premade meals to give to our family. I would like to challenge that it is time we slow down and start to embrace the lost art of cooking, savoring, and talking around a kitchen table.

The reason that Carroll Creek Farms is around is we want you to have a closer connection with your food than the  grocery store or fast food joint. I want you to know where your food was locally produced, the ethical treatment it had during its lifetime, and the sustainable practices that will continued to be used in the future. 

I want you to get to know us and have open dialogue about how you want your food to be raised. We love caring for animals but are always going through continuous improvement (or on the farm we call it trail and error) to get the animals we are caring for to your dinner table in the way you as the customer want.

I want to share our farm with you as much as possible which is why we have created this website, blog, and social media presence to keep you in the loop and show you first hand how our animals are treated.

The blog will continue to be the story book for what is happening on the farm, talk about food or livestock issues, tell your more about us as people navigating this sometimes interesting rural life, and provide recipes so you have more uses for our delicious meats.

Because you are what you eat you can literally transform your body and mind by changing your diet and we hope to be a critical part of that.

Welcome to the farm and I am glad that you stopped by!