How It Works


Can I buy a live animal from you? 

We do not offer the sale of live animals.  We do not allow on-site butchering.

How much meat will I get from a whole beef?

Here is an estimation:

Beef Dress Out

How much meat will I get from a whole hog?

Here is an estimation:

Hog Dressout

How much meat will I get from a whole lamb?

Here is an estimation:

Lamb Dressout

How is your meat different than the store?

It is fresh and you can taste the difference!

Our small herds allow us to monitor individual animal health and provide a low stress lifestyle for the animal.  Our animals are slaughtered at a small butcher who also takes his time to craft the cuts.  The window from harvest to freezer is short.

What is hanging weight?

There are really three weights that you can use when selling an animal; live weight, hanging weight, and finished weight.

Live weight is the weight of the animal when it is on our farm. We do not use this method because the live weight can be vastly different than the amount of meat that is consumable.  It takes into account items like the stomach contents, hides, etc. that you would not actually eat.

Hanging weight is the most widely used in direct sales; it is the most fair for the producer AND the consumer.  This is the weight of the animal's carcass once it has been butchered, and the non edible items have been removed (the hide, stomach, hooves, etc.). The weight is provided to us from the butcher using their USDA inspected scale readings.  The hanging weight does still include the bones of the animal and organ meat.

Finished weight is the actual number of pounds after the carcass is cut and packaged.  This method is rarely used in direct sales because the meat you actually take home can vary depending on the way you have your animal cut and whether you choose to keep the organ meat.

When can I pick up my wholesale animal?  

Once your animal has been harvested, we will invoice you for the remainder of your balance.  The invoice will include further instructions for pick up.

Can I order meats by the individual cut from you?

Our individual cuts are not available for online order.

You can purchase individual cuts year round at our farm store or at any of our retail partners.  Check out our Where to Buy page for more details.


Do I have to pay online for my meat?


We accept cash, credit/debit card, and check at the Meat Retreat for individual cuts.

Wholesale deposits and Thanksgiving Turkey deposits must be made online using our order process.  This provides you a confirmation of order, as well as a date stamp for our records.  However, you can pay the balance due with cash or check in lieu of a credit/debit card. 

How should I cook my meat?

Our animals are pasture raised; this means they will have less fat content than feedlot animals.  With less marbling, you will want to make sure your meat reaches the recommended temperatures to prevent foodborne illnesses, but then quickly remove it from the heat source and let it rest.  It is easier to overcook our meats.

The USDA recommends beef reach 145 degrees F with a three minute rest time.  It recommends pork reach 145 degrees F with a three minute rest time.  All ground meats should be cooked to 160 degrees F, no rest time needed.  Poultry, including ground, should be cooked to 165 degrees F.

How often are eggs stocked?

Our ladies are laying daily; we refill the cooler accordingly.

What if we only eat a few cuts of meat?

Our farm store is regularly stocked with a variety of cuts; this is the easiest way to stock your freezer with your favorite cuts.

When can I come to the farm?

Our farm store is open seven days a week from 9 AM to 7 PM.  We have goats you can feed and chickens to cluck at when you stop in.  

We do not offer farm tours or field trips at this time.